Orchestrator 2012 R2 – Store Credentials in Orchestrator Variables

When you get into creating runbooks you realize pretty quickly that you can’t keep putting your own credentials into each runbook activity as a password change or account removal will ruin the runbooks. If your runbooks reference a central variable then any update to the variable will carry through to the runbook. This post will cover how to create the variables

1. Navigate to the Global Settings section in the left navigation pane, and then to Variables, from there you can make your own folders to store your variables. I have Common > Templates > Credentials as a structure.


2. Right-Click the folder you want to store your variables in, and click New > Variable


3. If you are entering a Username and Password as part of the credentials, then you need two separate variables.

When entering your password variable, you can select the Encrypted Variable checkbox to securely encrypt the string that you enter.


4. Now that you have the variables in place, to use them you just need to find an activity that requires security credentials, right click in the relevant field, select Subscribe > Variable and locate your variable.



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