Orchestrator 2012 R2 – Set up SCOM Integration Pack

Having the SCOM integration pack available in Orchestrator allows you to bring a few handy features into your runbooks, ie. Entering a computer into maintenance mode pre-reboot/shutdown, kicking off runbooks from certain alerts etc. This post will go through how to set up the configuration.

1. Download the integration pack, extract it and deploy it from your Orchestrator Deployment Manager to the computer that you are running your Runbook Designer from.

2. From within the Runbook Designer, select the Options menu and you should now be able to select SC 2012 Operations Manager.


3. Add to add a new connection.


4. Enter the relevant details for your own SCOM installation like below.  You can test the connection to see if it is successful or not. Be mindful of the polling interval you select when it comes to runbooks that are waiting for an alert to trigger. If you’re polling SCOM every 5 minutes then there will be a 5 minute delay before Orchestrator can trigger a runbook that is waiting on the alert to begin.


5. You should now have the integration pack available from the activities pane to incorporate into your runbooks.



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