Orchestrator 2012 R2 – Runbook – Scheduled Reboot of servers

This runbook will run on a schedule and incorporate an already created manual reboot runbook, so that you can then have the option of rebooting servers manually or via a schedule.

This runbook will cover the following activities:

  1. Using the built-in Monitor Date/Time activity, to wait for a certain time to activate
  2. Using the built-in Check Schedule activity, to verify that it is the correct date/time to proceed
  3. Using the built-in Invoke Runbook activity to run the manual reboot runbook
  4. Using the built-in Send E-mail Message activity upon success



Store Credentials in Orchestrator Variables

Send a Mail Message

Create the manual runbook

Scheduling with Check Schedule


1. Monitor Date/Time


I’ve entered 5:00 AM as the time in which this runbook will be triggered. Without the Check Schedule activity that is in place after this activity it would mean that this runbook would run each day at 5:00 AM.


2. Link between activity 1 and 2


3. Check Schedule


My pre-made schedule allows for each Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

So these reboots will occur at 5:00AM each Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


4. Link between activity 2 and 3

If the schedule is conformed to, then it will proceed to invoking the runbook.


5. Invoke Runbook


You need to select the runbook you wish to run and also provide the credentials for an account that perform the tasks under the Security tab.



6. Link between activity 3 and 4

If the invoked runbook ran successfully then it will send a notification e-mail in the next activity.


7. Send E-mail Message




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