Desired State Configuration (DSC) – Experimenting with DSC Part 3 – Set target node to pull the configuration from the pull server

Step 1. Run the below script that will configure the LocalConfigurationManager settings for the target node

$guid = <guid>

$ComputerName = "GTPOCAUT001.domain.local"

Configuration SetPullMode



Node $ComputerName

#ActionAfterReboot = 'ContinueConfiguration'
#DebugMode = 'All'
RebootNodeIfNeeded = $true #false
AllowModuleOverwrite = $false
ConfigurationMode = ‘ApplyOnly’
ConfigurationID = $guid
RefreshMode = ‘Pull’
RefreshFrequencyMins = 30
DownloadManagerName = ‘WebDownloadManager’
DownloadManagerCustomData = @{
ServerUrl = ‘http://GTDSCAUP001:8080/PSDSCPullServer.svc’;
AllowUnsecureConnection = ‘true’


SetPullMode -ComputerName $ComputerName –guid $Guid

Set-DSCLocalConfigurationManager –Computer $ComputerName -Path ./SetPullMode –Verbose

Step 2. Go to the target server and check its event logs, under Applications and Services, Microsoft , Windows, Desired State Configuration. You should find an entry that states that the machine needs to be rebooted.


Step 3. Reboot the machine and it should then begin. Check the logs again to see what it is up to, you will be wanting to see the below, then it will start to apply the configuration.



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