SCOM 2012 R2 – Override a specific monitor object

Recently we have been provisioning our Hyper-V servers with guest VMs that have their disks thick provisioned, this means that some of the disks on the host Hyper-V server are fully utilized but will never budge and will not require monitoring, while the guests have their disks that do require the monitoring. This requires an override in SCOM otherwise the disk on the host will continue to alert.

In this example we will be disabling the alerts for disk E: on an individual server.

Step 1. Locate the object that requires the override

  • Method 1  – From Alerts View
    • If the object has alerted then you can locate it easily from the active alerts view Method1.png
  • Method 2 – From Windows Computers View
      • Locate the computer within the view, right click and select Open, and Health Explorermethod2_step1
      • Turn off the scope that only looks for unhealthy child monitorsmethod2_step2
      • Locate the object (in this case it is unhealthy), right click and select Monitor Propertiesmethod2_step3
      • Select the Overrides tab, select the override, click on the Override button and then select the Objectmethod2_step4

Step 2. Apply the override

In this case we are disabling the object, so you can select the row that has a parameter name of Enabled, and set its override value to False. You can also add a comment to explain why the change is being made. Set which management pack you are creating the override in and then apply.



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