Powershell – AD – Get-ADUser from text list

Detailing how to get certain AD details based on a text list containing usernames.


  1. The content of the user list should be in the below formatuserlist
  2. The Active Directory Module will be required. You can install that by following this post.
  3. There are many properties that can be returned from an AD user object, to see all of them you can run “Get-ADUser $name -properties *”
  4. Extra parameters used with Export-CSV explained
    1. -Append = Appends each entry to the CSV
    2. -NoTypeInformation = Do not include the type information at the top of the CSV

Code description

  1. The $UserNamesList variable will be populated with the content of the text file
  2. The script will iterate through the list, perform a get-aduser and then export the details to CSV.


$UserNamesList = get-content -path "C:\temp\users.txt"
$exportPath = "C:\temp\Users_Detailed.csv"

foreach ($name in $UserNamesList){

Get-ADUser $name -properties * | select GivenName, Surname, SamAccountName, EmailAddress, Title, Company, Department, Country, st, Office, OfficePhone, MobilePhone, LastLogonDate, createTimeStamp, Enabled | Export-CSV $ExportPath -Append -NoTypeInformation


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